How Netanyahu negates the Palestinian rights through Iran bashing

    Netanyahu presents Iran in a bad light to the world by demonizing Tehran with a smart campaign. Meanwhile, he shifted world attention on what happens inside Occupied Palestine.

    Ali Abushbak

    It seems that Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu has taken the Niccolò Machiavelli’s approach, that is, the ends justify the mean. Netanyahu does everything to strip Palestinian off their rights. Correspondingly, there is a weak president facing this man called Mahmoud Abbas in the Palestinian territories.

    Abbas failed to make any agreement with Hamas, the most extremist group in Palestine which control Gaza by force and weapon. The latter fought four wars with Israel. On the other hand, Abbas made many adversaries inside his party (called Fatah) such as Mohammed Dahlan and Rasheed AbuShbak, who were expelled permanently from Fatah movement.

    On the other hand, Netanyahu has a well established plan and a clear mind. He keeps the Palestinians busy in their internal problems and shifts world attention from what happens in Palestine to the Iranian danger and rhetoric.  

    Indeed, during his period, many events have been happening such as: Judaization of Jerusalem, settlers storming Al-aqsa mosque, displacement and dispossession of Palestinians from their land and homes especially in the east Jerusalem which the Palestinians consider it as the capital for them, build massive settlement units in Palestinian territories and finally Gaza siege to the Iranian danger. 

    Netanyahu presents Iran in a bad light to the world by demonizing Tehran with a smart campaign. Meanwhile, he shifted world attention on what happens inside Occupied Palestine.  Thus, a war on Iran is one that very much serves Israeli interests and ambitions of Netanyahu.

    How Netanyahu transformed the attention of the world from Palestine to Iran?

    Firstly, through his foreign policy speeches which present the regime in Iran as a terrorist and wants to devastate the world.   

    Secondly, he mentions that Iran supports the extremist movements in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and in Yemen.

    Thirdly, by showing that Tehran wants to get the nuclear weapons to attack the world.

    Finally, he confirmed that the Iranian threat is the biggest existential threat not only to Israel but also to the western world and the Gulf states. He referred that the Arab Spring and increased conflicts which are destabilising the Arab have their roots in Iran and Israel is forging an alliance with these countries by making them believe that Iran is the root cause of instability in the middle-east. Thus, it implicitly makes them believe that Palestine is not the priority, forming a well defined anti- Iran alliance is.

    Nowadays, Israeli premier employs Arab fears of Iran and its ambitions in the Gulf to establish “an alliance between Israel and moderate Sunni states” that is interpreting the Arabic mood in social media which consider Israel as not enemy for the Arab states but Iran as the major discount.

    Evidently, Israel needs a higher level of enemies, particular after the weakness which Palestinian Authority and Hezbollah have witnessed. And that part is played by Iran. In fact, that is Netanyahu’s plan to his a vision of the “New Middle East,” which presents Israel as the most powerful country in the middle east and making all other Arab states to accept its hegemony.

    Ali Abushbak is a Palestinian researcher whose work is on the Palestine-Israel conflict and Social Media

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